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chris fudge


Health, fitness, and athletics have always been a passion of mine. Throughout my life, I was able to explore these areas, from childhood travel teams to collegiate soccer at the University of Detroit Mercy, to crossfit, to strength and conditioning.  During those years, I was able to learn and experience what it means to consistently dedicate my time and effort to health, fitness, & wellness.  Having experienced this journey personally, I am passionate about sharing this with others.


Centered in authentic connection, I combine brutally honest conversations with humor to host a dynamic session with

a range of clients.  My work varies from 1x1 to group sessions, as well as online training.  Whether you are a student looking to excel in high school and/or collegiate sports, a bride that wants to look and feel her very best, or someone

that’s looking to maintain or maximize your health and wellness potential, I will create individualized programs in

efforts to improve your overall wellness.

At Detroit Flex, I create individualized programs. In conjunction to this, I am committed to partnerships with
resourced Physicians, Physical Therapists, Dietitians, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, etc., in order to 

sustain and enhance your exercise lifestyle as a comprehensive whole.

Each client will go through a detailed consultation with assessments, and an exercise program will be designed
based on those results.  Every program will consist of learning proper exercise technique, along with
exercise progression in order to achieve + fulfill your fitness goals.

Training includes:

Aerobic/Anaerobic Conditioning

Weight & Body-Weight Training

Speed and Agility Training

Functional Balance

Core Development

Injury Prevention 

the training



what people say


I absolutely love training with Chris Fudge because of his ability to work with your specific needs. He has helped me through all the big moments in life -- starting in high school working on conditioning me as a varsity athlete and getting me ready for prom, then helping me lose the extra weight I put on back in college during my breaks back home. Chris kept me motivated to workout when I transitioned to a busy work schedule as a young professional. he kept me fit for a surprise engagement and my wedding day. Now he is helping me stay active through my first pregnancy and I will definitely be seeing his help postpartum! Chris's enthusiasm and passion for what he does has inspired me to become a certified yoga instructor and personal trainer.


Chris is an amazing trainer. Having not exercised in 5 years I had no strength or stamina (I was a mess)! With careful workouts geard towards improving my back and neck issues, I have increased both strength and stamina significantly. With his positive attitude and great sense of humor, I look forward to each session with enthusiasm. 


I was overweight to say the least when I met Chris. The thought of working out was daunting and I honestly didn't believe it would make a difference. I suffered from severe back pain and battled diabetes. In the beginning I didn't know what to expect, but I was nervous. Chris put me at ease right away. Years later, and over 100 pounds less, Chris still trains me twice a week. He is kind, patient, truly watches every move you make and corrects you when you're doing something wrong. His knowledge of muscles and house certain movements affect you is boundless. He pushes you just enough when you need it and is your biggest fan when you accomplish a big feat. He not only makes training tolerable, he makes it fun. He is truly a great trainer and has become a true friend. 


personal training

My goal with Detroit Flex is to offer exceptional personal training that continues to be an essential component in improving the fitness industry.  Each client goes through a detailed consultation followed by thorough assessments and an exercise program will be designed based on those results.  Every program consists of learning proper exercise technique, along with proper exercise progression that is all related to the goals you want to fulfill.


online training

I offer online coaching for those unable to make it to the gym to train with me in person.

Online coaching starts with a phone or facetime consultation where we discuss your goals, exercise limitations, time constraints, etc., and a program will be created based on your needs.


 Each week, you will check in and let me know how it went, and if need be, we will make the necessary changes to keep you moving in the right direction.  These are tailored programs because I'm a big believer in making small changes, personal to you, that’ll create sustained progress. It’s also encouraged to send videos of certain movements so I can critique your form and make sure you’re doing the exercises correctly.


I require a minimum of three months of your dedication in the beginning because it will take time to start seeing results.  Upon purchase, the individualized program will be provided to you in 3-5 business days. 

cell: 586-703-1324



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